Our History

Hi, My name is Karoll-Ann, Better Known as Kouka.

Welcome to my closet where we offer trendy plus-size clothing designed to fit and flatter your curves.

As far as I can remember, I always have been a plus size girl. Growing up I remember my mom making all my dresses because finding something in the store was definitely NOT an option.

As I migrated to the United States, I was delighted to discover a category called “plus size” or “Misses” at the mall. However, those options were most of the time tasteless, unflattering, and honestly didn’t reflect my style, flair, and overall love of life. It seems plus-size clothing was created to hide and shame my body, not to celebrate my curves. It felt as if they were slapping pieces of fabric together with no regard for fashion or a sense pf personal style. Am I right?

My life had been a long journey of body shaming, fat jokes and inappropriate comments, that mixed with a mundane wardrobe can be a recipe for confidence disaster. One day I woke up and expressed this affirmation: “If I was the very last person on earth to look at me, I would love myself just the way I am, and it’s time for my clothes reflect that.”

Kouka’s Closet is my way of celebrating curves by bringing high-fashion plus-size pieces to the curvy queens of the world, who love themselves just the way they are and deserve to shine.

Karoll-Ann FANFAN
CEO & Founder